makesense Asia

Once upon a time in makesense…

At the very beginning, there were only 2… The story of makesense began while traveling, on the roads of India.

In 2010, Christian and Leila, two newly graduated friends, embarked on the adventure of social entrepreneurship with this idea: what if citizens could connect directly with entrepreneurs, and together they could develop their ecological and social projects? What if students could contribute?

Many people just wanted to be given a chance to act!

This is how the first “hold-ups” – totally new, collaborative and imaginative brainstorming workshops – happened. It was the first meeting between the world of society, students, and entrepreneurship.

Quickly, the community grew and gained momentum as many enthusiastic advocates from different countries wanted to run these simple but impactful events. This opened a gateway for citizen hotspots and fulltime makesense hubs to form in key cities globally.

In 2015, Manila was one of those cities.

It started with a single person on a mission: Lea wanted to build a passionate community of players working together for a better Philippines.

She found awesome teammates to gather more citizens and collaborate on sustainable solutions. In turn, the team mobilised more than 4,000 other Filipinos Thus, the Philippine Hub was born!

Since then, we’ve learned, created, and transformed – all with the unwavering support of partners who believed in the power of collective action. To our entrepreneurs who questioned the status quo, volunteers who mobilized action, and organizations who believed in inclusive systems – thank you!

Ten years later, we are a community of over a hundred employees, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of thousands of actions taken for impact all over the world!

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