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What is the makesense community?

Makesense began with volunteers all around the world who wanted to help social entrepreneurs develop solutions to global challenges. It was their way of taking action on issues that were much bigger than them. Over the years, more and more people and entrepreneurs joined creating a global network of thousands of engaged people!

We are committed to making this community a safe space for all advocates, equipping them with the right tools, and reminding one another that we are never alone in the work we do.

Who are our volunteers?

Put simply, YOU! We believe anyone can be a volunteer, an advocate, a concerned citizen acting on a cause they believe in. No matter where you come from, how much experience you have, or what you fight for – we’ll meet you where you are and help you take it a step further.

Why get involved?

Whether you want to meet inspiring change-makers, act on climate change, take action supporting out-of-school youth, create connections between people, learn about collective intelligence… The best way to decide is to see it for yourself. See what? The makesense magic!

makesense is committed to upholding a safe space in the community

Read through our community guidelines and inclusivity policy to learn more.

Safe Space Policy


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Because makesense is so versatile and doesn’t fit in any category, it can be difficult to understand what it is. Have a look at the About Makesense page. There, you will find more information on who we are and what we do.

Each volunteer chooses how much they want to get involved and what amount of time they are willing to dedicate to organizing events and strengthening their local community. Some of them, especially those starting or developing a local community, spend almost 10 hours per week for months connecting with their local ecosystem. Others just facilitate events from time to time, volunteering a couple of hours for two weeks and then taking some time away from makesense. All contributions are welcome. Remember: you are the master of your engagement journey within the makesense community!

It may depend on the program! All the information for applications should be on the page of the project you’re looking at. But if you want to start your own movement, there isn’t any recruitment process and no application is required. You simply have to contact us so we can talk about it! We believe that everyone has something to learn and something to teach, whether it is personal experience or knowledge. So, if you wish to join us, be our guest!

makesense is a volunteer community of those passionate about sharing their time, skills, and networks to support impact projects. Nobody in the community makes money as the goal is to keep the community, and its support for entrepreneurs, free and open for everyone. You can make an impact, make friends, and make sense… but not make money 🙂

Here is a list of jobs that make sense, whether it is with us or at other organizations.

  • makesense is centered on citizen engagement and social innovation, and not on a single cause. We support many interconnected advocacies on global issues because some problems cannot be solved without the others being tackled as well.
  • There are certain causes that makesense is more heavily involved with, either because of partnerships we have in place or because a community member made it happen!
  • Great that you know people who want to join the movement! The answer varies slightly on where the person lives:
  • If this person lives in your city, where you have a Hotspot: invite them to join you! A great first step is typically to attend a makesense event to experience it for yourself. From there, you can invite them to co-facilitate a workshop with you, and then next they can do so on their own. We’d recommend introducing new members in your Facebook group as well as to your Community Developer, too.
  • If this person lives in a different city that already has a Hotspot: connect them with the Gangsters in that city! Have your friend join the local Facebook Hotspot group and introduce themselves, or reach out to your Community Developer. The local team will help welcome them in!
  • If this person lives in a city without a Hotspot or where you’re not sure if there is one, connect them to your Community Developer, who can help them start a Hotspot or connect to the nearest one.
  • Lastly, if this person is interested in volunteering with makesense but on one specific cause that we have a mobilization campaign around, they also can join the appropriate Facebook group related to that cause to connect to others around the world with the same passion. We would always recommend, however, that new volunteers connect with their local Hotspots regardless, since it’s largely the offline connections we make with people that are the magic of makesense!

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