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Photo of Léa Klein, makesense Asia Founder & Jobs that makesense Asia CEO

I foster opportunities for individuals and organisations to collectively lead transformative change, working towards a world that embodies kindness, sustainability and compassion.

Léa Klein
makesense Asia Founder and Jobs that makesense Asia CEO

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I want to enable [good] people to be their best selves so they can collaborate with others.

Angeli Recella
Co-executive Director for Operations

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I want to guide the flow of global capital and resources towards the most good it can do for society and the environment.

Carlos Hechanova
Co-executive Director for Development

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I am an artist seeking change and bridging gaps. I want to continue being a creative who can help other artists of change do the same.

Ysa Da Silva
Communications and Brand Manager

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I want health to become truly accessible to all with the right information, services and systems that work effectively for the people who need it most! And to make the public health space more open to participation from the communities it wants to serve. 

Dani Molina
Community Manager

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Ryan Arcadio, Communications Manager

I want to tell stories that make others feel welcome and empowered.

Ryan Arcadio
Communications Manager

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Photo of Lei Gonzales, People Operations Officer

I want to be compassionate and be able to help those in need.

Leanne Gonzales
People Operations Officer

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Photo of Ally, Programs Officer

I want to inspire and empower individuals, communities, and organizations to embrace sustainable practices, prioritize mental health, and take climate action.

Ally Malvar
Programs Officer

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Photo of Hyrah Santos, Programs Officer

I want to be a companion to people who wants to share their light, love, and kindness to the world. Together, let’s be on a journey towards making positive impact!

Hyrah Santos
Programs Officer

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Kate Miranda, Programs Officer

I want to promote sustainability and global social equity through innovation and radical collaboration.

Robi Kate Miranda
Programs Officer

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Belle Sison, Program Lead for Climate Action

I aspire to develop networks and infrastructure that are built to last, ensuring we contribute to a form of impact that is not isolated from reality, is ever growing, and is constantly challenging change.

Isabelle Sison
Campaigns and Partnerships Lead, Jobs that makesense Asia

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Photo of Maren, Jobs that makesense Asia

I want to help demystifying the path of impact, proving it’s a worthy adventure, not a risky gamble.

Maren Marasigan
Digital Marketing and Site Traffic Officer, Jobs that makesense Asia

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Photo of Charlotte Deflandre, Jobs that makesense Asia

I want to do my part to make the world a better place by fostering conversations that really matter and can make a difference.

Charlotte Deflandre
Partnerships and Communications Officer, Jobs that makesense Asia

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