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Tired of waste? There’s a better way!

Imagine a future where waste becomes a resource, and your community thrives on a circular economy. It might sound futuristic, but you can be a champion in making it happen!

In 2023, we partnered with UNDP, DENR, and the Government of Japan to complete the “Accelerating the NDCs through Circular Economy in Cities” project, or ACE project for short. Through the collaboration, we empowered community leaders in five cities —Caloocan, Cotabato, Manila, Pasig, and Quezon— to create and boost circularity initiatives.

Our Impact at a Glance


citizens reached through integrated communications


Leaders upskilled through 9 capacity building workshops


Citizens engaged in in-person grassroots events


Key stakeholders convened to co-created circularity plans per city


Circular economy SMEs incubated with focused mentorship

Why Circular Economy?

The old “take-make-dispose” model is a triple threat to our health, wallets, and environment. By keeping materials in use for as long as possible, a circular economy offers a triple win: less waste, more resources, and even more savings! 

The Makesense Magic

But we knew true circularity couldn’t be achieved in silos. That’s why the Makesense Asia team took a multidimensional approach:

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Value Chain Mapping

Conducted in-depth analysis to pinpoint critical challenges, stakeholders, and intervention points.

Capacity Building

Designed and facilitated 9 intensive workshops upskilling over 1,000 leaders across businesses, organizations, and governments.

Enterprise Incubation

Provided focused mentorship to 4 pioneering circular economy SMEs to pilot replicable solutions.

Integrated Communications Campaign

Launched “Pwede Pa ‘Yan” – a campaign on circularity and hosted 5 in-person events that attracted over 350 people from different communities.

Communities of Practice

Convened 62 key cross-sector stakeholders across the 5 cities to co-create tailored implementation plans for their communities.

Rapid Assessment Survey

Evaluated impact through pre/post surveys with 117 respondents across multiple cities to assess circular economy knowledge development.

Boost Sustainability in Your Community

The ACE Project proved that driving systemic change requires coordination across all levels — government, industry, and community. Moving forward, it’s clear that we need mission-aligned partners to scale this approach. Whether it’s renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, or sustainable mobility, the Makesense Asia team can equip your organization and community to make sustainability the new norm.

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