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Our 2030 Ambition

10 years ago, makesense was just a Facebook group. But today, we’ve enabled more than 200,000 citizens to take concrete action on issues they care about, accelerated the projects of 8,000 entrepreneurs and startups, and helped 10,000 employees and organizations become more involved in social change.

But this is no longer enough for the complex & systemic issues that threaten to overwhelm us every day. Radical change requires radical collaborations, and it’s time for us to act together like never before.

Our ambition for 2030 is to go faster, further, to increase the number of people who act for a sustainable and inclusive society, to train them to make their actions effective, to bring them together and to allow their solutions to reach the heart of the system. Here is how we’ll do it.

Imagine if every single Filipino was re-empowered to participate in change-making. If volunteering was accessible, and we all had the resources to make informed decisions for the common good.

This is the power of 10 in action: if each active citizen influences 10 other citizens, who’ll influence other 10 citizens – we’ll see a massive wave of positive change that we believe can turn the tide, for good.

Our ambition is to build programs adapted to the needs and realities of our country’s future leaders, who don’t have access to these opportunities. Through mentorship, paid volunteering opportunities, and freely sharing our knowledge on innovation and development, we can open a path that every Filipino can access.

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Imagine if all players realized our interconnectedness and realized no one is truly safe until everyone is. We’ll be able to build real sustainable solutions to get us through systemic shocks.

At makesense, we’re dedicated to building an open learning platform offering learning experiences on social innovation and collective problem solving activities that are accessible and contextualized to our current reality.

“By building a strong baseline understanding of how social impact happens, we’ll equip citizens with the capacity to act.”

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Imagine if the youth were given the tools and the platform to be storytellers of their own communities. If we could amplify each others’ voices and support budding artists and cultural leaders all over the country, we could spark the imagination and together craft how a better Philippines can look like.

This is the makesense Studio – a platform to re-empower young Filipinos by giving them the tools to be effective storytellers who can inform, inspire, and challenge the status quo.

“By changing the story, we can change the world.”

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Imagine if each day, you get 10 friends to plant trees, and each of those friends get another 10 friends to plant trees. In a week, you would’ve planted a forest. That’s the power of massive mobilization – how one action reproduced by a collective can create a strong enough wave to change the tide.

Our ambition is to amplify impact through radical collaboration with players across the board: NGOs, private and public, companies, entrepreneurs, and everyday citizens. We’ve already started with the Health 4 All Coalition, a collaboration of healthcare specialists, community leaders, and engaged citizens designing better healthcare for Filipinos. This year, the coalition will launch a campaign and pilot program to empower youth leaders and young doctors in engaging local communities for better health.

The world is changing exponentially. We must: Re-empower 10x, mobilize 10x bigger, and make sense of our actions in a bigger, bolder way.

As we draw closer to achieving a larger set of goals by 2030, we are committed to working ten times as much as we did a decade ago.

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